Robotics and Drone Technology

Robotics and Drone Technology

Robotics and drone technology is one of the emerging technologies, going to change the future use of technology and the art of living. The robotics technology is the technological development of designing, building and hardware implementation of robots of different kinds to perform certain task or a series of tasks.

Today, the software MATLAB/SIMULINK and 3D design software SolidWorks contribute in vast area for creating a virtual field of design and simulation and testing. SolidWorks provides a good and efficient platform for designing and 3D-viewing robotic arm, mobile robots, and UAV systems.

MATLAB/SIMULINK has powerful toolboxes like Robotic system toolbox, UAV toolbox, and so on which alleviate the design and simulation of any kind of robot.

Moreover, integration of MATLAB with SolidWorks is also possible in today’s version of MATLAB where a specific tool helps to import the CAD file into MATLAB and develop the model further.