Customer Testimonials

Rashmita Gouda

It is my pleasure to write to thank you for the quality of service provided by your company. We sincerely appreciate your efficient, and gracious service for MATLAB Software license generate and reinstall the software successfully in our new systems before the required date. We have, and will continue to, recommend your services to other institute, and we look forward to continuing this relationship. Rashmita Gouda Lecturer ,Department of Electrical Engineering Government Polytechnic, Bargarh - Odisha

Debarati Dey

I was always trying to implement my research work using Machine Learning. For this i started to learn python programming language. But i found it was bit harder and taking time to implement the exact algorithm for the specific problem. Then I got the help for Mr. Pickon Majumder of Elmax who give me just two sessions on Machine Learning usin MATLAB programming language and it was really wonderful sessions,I have ever attended. After attending these two hands on session I learnt something about Machine Learning using MATLAB programming and found that it is the most easiest method for me. My internet on Machine Learning grow up and I really thankful to Mr.Pickon Majumder for all his support and cooperation. Even more whenever I felt any kind of problem regarding MATLAB,he always beside me to support me. Thank you for all your support and consideration. Debarati Dey B.P. Poddar Institute of Management and Technology BPPIMT · Department of ECE

Dr. Harish Chandra Mohanta

Greetings from Centurion University of Technology and Management. As a Resource person: Mr. Subhrojyoti Moitra and Mr. Pickon Majumdar, MATLAB Application Engineer, ELMAX Systems and Solutions have conducted the following webinars/ FDPs on "Robotics and Automation/ Data Science using MATLAB/ Introduction to Mathematics and Machine Learning /Robotics and Automation / Computer Vision / EV / I0T/ Mobile Robotics / Drone/UAV Modelling and Simulation University appreciates Mr. Subhrojyoti Moitra and Mr. Pickon Majumdar for imparting their valuable insights and inspirations to the students, researchers and faculty members. organized by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Dr. Harish Chandra Mohanta M. Tech (IIT Kharagpur) Ph. D. (Deakin University, Australia) Associate Professor, & HOD ECE SoET, Bhubaneswar Campus, CUTM